Quickstream Unveils Rapid-Deployment Live Video Exchange Cloud Service

Quickstream, a provider of software-defined, cloud-based solutions for live video, today announced the release of its Quickstream Cloud product, what it calls the first one-click video cloud exchange for the broadcast industry. “The Quickstream Cloud solution is the first live video cloud solution designed for the delivery of broadcast-quality feeds globally to any partner in 15 minutes. It is the first inexpensive live cloud video solution of its kind, and is as easy to use as a shared document,” the company says.

Quickstream Cloud acts as a live global video exchange network, enabling effective live video contribution in the cloud. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, customers can sign up, connect with Quickstream Cloud and exchange live content in an instant, on-demand fashion.

The product builds on the company’s flagship product, Quickstream Node gateway, which enables broadcasters to design flexible IP workflows and bridge between video infrastructures. The Quickstream Node IP video signal distribution product is capable of transporting high quality, high-resolution audio/video feeds with minimal latency. Full encoding, decoding, and transcoding support for the OTT market is currently in beta.

Michal Suchon, Quickstream CEO, says: “Quickstream Cloud is a new way of offering rapid creation and deployment of video channels in the IP domain. Whether for test signals, channel preview, just-in-time pop-up channels, or live events, the Quickstream Cloud thesis now applies far beyond ENG newscasters or transport streams to head end or studio. The cloud has now become the mainstream mechanism for delivering signals and content for any video professional.”

Quickstream Cloud, the company says, “is uniquely positioned for production companies and broadcasters who cannot install racks of gear during this movement-constricted pandemic period.”

Quickstream Cloud will be marketed globally, with emphasis on expansion to the U.S. market and the company’s core European markets. The sports market will continue to develop for Quickstream Cloud, as cloud production and distribution becomes a greater percentage of output as well as an option for creative producers. As global rights holders — in sports and entertainment — seek greater interconnections with exchanges, ISPs, telcos, and broadcasters/cablers/satcasters, Quickstream Cloud can position itself as the “clean signal” company for high-quality video at an affordable price.


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