Ross Video Launches Kiva For Operator Driven Media Playout

As part of the finale of Ross Live | 2020, Ross Video launched its Kiva live presentation server, the most recent addition to its range of server solutions.

Kiva is a media server platform that complements the existing Tria production server and Mira replay server solutions from Ross. With a simple click, the Kiva user interface presents a variety of digital media into venue videoboards, such as real-time video clips, “fill+matte” stills and animations, surround-sound audio, and sponsored adverts. Furthermore, Kiva lets operators create playlists containing all these different media with flexible playout control.

Kiva lends itself to many different production environments, including sports and live events as well as broadcast and corporate studios using both “live” and “live to disk” workflows.

Kiva features a picon-based user interface with familiar shotbox-style operations. The interface is customizable, letting operators assign all playout content onto banks and pages of media buttons to simplify playout during each live production.

Douglas Johnson, product manager for video servers, said: “Kiva will be an excellent addition to any production environment where operator-driven, on-demand media playout is required. We expect to begin shipping next month, and we’ve already had impressive interest from some of our sports and live entertainment venue customers who want to deploy Kiva in their control rooms. For them, Kiva will simplify their live production workflow and will certainly boost the entertainment value of their live shows.”



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