Vaddio Launches IntelliSHOT-M ePTZ Camera Certified For Microsoft Teams

Vaddio, a global provider of robotic PTZ cameras and camera control systems, today announced its new IntelliSHOT-M ePTZ camera specifically engineered and certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The IntelliSHOT-M guarantees a consistent, repeatable, and high-quality Teams experience.

“Vaddio has always been a trusted partner for enterprise-grade solutions,” said Darrin Thurston, Vaddio vice president and general manager. “As a certified device partner, we ensure customers have a no-compromise Teams experience. Users can confidently and easily start and conduct meetings that achieve the highest camera standards for meetings set by Microsoft right out of the box.”

Vaddio’s IntelliSHOT-M professional camera builds upon the decades of experience in video collaboration solutions in large conference room and classroom settings with the collaboration platform of Microsoft Teams Rooms. Like the IntelliSHOT ePTZ camera released last year, the IntelliSHOT-M features 30x zoom with 70.2-degree field of view and is equipped with Vaddio’s advanced IntelliFrame technology, an auto-framing solution that can be adjusted based on the room conditions and user’s preferences.

The technology is the culmination of Vaddio’s years of research and engineering delivering the most precise and reliable auto-framing experience. Rather than rely on facial recognition alone, which can fail with facial coverings or falsely identify objects like posters on the wall as people, IntelliFrame uses a combination of exceptionally sensitive motion detection and complex algorithms to deliver smooth, accurate, and reliable participant framing.

For AV integrators, IntelliFrame promises personalized video performance with every installation. With simple, custom features like one-touch masking, integrators can outline the camera’s field of view, so it doesn’t capture nearby, unintended participants, i.e., students in the front row, windows, busy hallways, projection screens, or displays in the front of the room, the company says.

IntelliSHOT-M also allows fine-tuning the camera’s speed for following a presenter walking and how tight the shot should be around the instructor. The integrator can adjust the wait time before framing additional people up at a whiteboard, how often the auto-framer resizes the image, and limit how much zoom is allowed.


But more importantly, the company says, “these options aren’t an on/off toggle but on a spectrum, so professional contractors can make the most out of every installation. Sometimes projects aren’t that complicated, and time is of the essence, so IntelliSHOT-M is preprogrammed with six standard configurations like ‘responsive lecture capture’ and ‘default conference’ to make it fast to install and configure without compromising system performance.”

IntelliSHOT-M is PoE+ powered, and network connectivity allows IT administrators and tech staff to manage and control the camera remotely via Vaddio’s free, web-based user interface. They can select Vaddio IntelliSHOT-M cameras from the network, choose an action like rebooting the device or conducting mass firmware updates on hundreds of devices all at once, saving time and labor for corporate or educational campus staff with hundreds of rooms to oversee

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