Vislink Launches New IP And AI Technology Features And Solutions

Vislink, a global technology provider in the capture, delivery and management of high quality, live video and associated data in the media and entertainment, law enforcement and defense markets, has rolled out a number of technical advances across several Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint product lines. Collectively, they represent substantial innovation in the areas of IP-centric and AI technologies, which are at the core of the company’s solutions, as well as a deepening integration between the two organizations and their products.

“AI and IP are together revolutionizing how video is acquired and transported, with the developments we are announcing today, we enable our customers to make the most of this transformative change,” said Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. “These new features are testament to how well Vislink has integrated Mobile Viewpoint, which we acquired in August 2021. By integrating our Quantum receiver with the Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix control platform, we enable customers to more easily blend wireless footage in a broadcast environment.

“We are also extending support for 5G, making the transition to IP easier. The addition of PTZ control to our IQ SportsProducer AI-assisted live sports solution brings to step change in quality to AI-assisted production footage. Today’s announced new features further underscore our dedication to delivering true customer-focused advancements in live video production. The resulting benefits to our clients will be reduced production costs, the ability to produce a wider range of compelling content, and the opportunity to monetize previously unprofitable event coverage.”

Developments include:

IP Wireless Camera Receiver updates and integration

  • The Vislink all-IP Quantum wireless camera receiver, which was launched earlier this year and has already been extremely well-received by the market has been extended to provide support for the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology. This enables substantially lower remote production costs and new profitable revenue streams for content producers.
  • The Quantum Receiver has now been integrated into the Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix control and content routing management platform. This enables production teams to manage their wireless content from any source, from OFDM-based Vislink wireless camera feeds providing in-game event coverage, as well as Mobile Viewpoint bonded cellular wireless content for side-line reporting.
  • SMPTE2110 IP-based video connectivity is now available with the Quantum camera receiver. This lets content production teams simplify their content routing and increase production flexibility within their production centers, while the transition to an all-IP environment enables more efficient workflows and lower infrastructure costs.

5G/cellular bonding and AI-Driven Technologies


  • Mobile Viewpoint bonded cellular encoder devices are receiving updates to provide even lower-latency transmissions as the product line fully transitions to 5G. This will enable higher upload speeds and higher-quality video, which will lower content acquisition and distribution costs, while making new program streams profitable.
  • The Mobile Viewpoint TerraLink rack-mountable encoders can be used in SNG trucks, outside broadcast vans or studio setups to send live video streams reliably, in high quality and with low latency. These units now incorporate SRT technology support.
  • Mobile Viewpoint now offers pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) camera capabilities for the IQ SportsProducer AI-assisted live sports solution. This enables wider coverage during events, more accurate and immersive tracking and enhanced detail available from a single camera unit.
  • The Mobile Viewpoint vPilot AI-based live studio production system now supports switcher integration via a thirdparty add-on. This allows the system to leverage advanced video features such as picture-in-picture (PIP) to deliver more natural and fluid automated coverage of studio productions.

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