Vizrt Releases Viz Social Powered By

Vizrt, a global provider of software-defined visual storytelling tools for media content creators, today debuted Viz Social powered by Viz Social is a cloud-based subscription service that allows editorial staff to moderate and curate social media content for broadcast in new and truly innovative ways.

Delivered in collaboration with audience engagement specialists, Viz Social connects directly with data fields in Vizrt graphics tools allowing broadcasters to use data-driven graphics templates to tell stories driven by social media content curated on the fly. Graphics can be updated in the rundown and taken to air as normal.

Real-time graphics workflows are not disrupted but rather enhanced by Viz Social, adding another data feed for intelligently curated storytelling.

“Broadcasters today need tools that make it easier to work efficiently with social media content that provides access to breaking news, as it frequently does,” says Remo Ziegler, head of global product management at Vizrt Group. “Viz Social combines leading edge mapping of collected social media content from with the most flexible and visually compelling graphics platform in the world, so torrents of social media content can be tamed and used to tell stories that are clear, concise, and up to the minute.”

Viz Social lets customers search and monitor conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and RSS feeds in order to quickly track and respond to content as it develops in the online sphere.

Filters and moderating techniques can be applied to send the most relevant and compelling content to air through content mapped directly to Vizrt scenes and tools, allowing storytellers to create custom content to engage audiences in unprecedented ways.


Further audience engagement can be created using Viz Social by running interactive polls and competitions with audience members interacting on primary and secondary screens in real-time.

“This new partnership integrates our next-level social media monitoring, search and aggregation services, and audience interaction capabilities with the raw data visualization power of Vizrt’s real-time graphics platform,” says Scott Davies, CEO at “By collecting and visualizing social media and live interactive content, Viz Social engages audiences in ways they’ve never experienced before.”

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