WACX Upgrades with Comark ATSC Encoding

Full-power, religious/independent WACX Orlando, Fla. (DMA 18), has upgraded its ATSC encoding system with a solution from Comark Digital Services.

WACX was using an older ATSC encoder system that limited the number of programs being broadcast over the air. CDS delivered a new software-based encoding system that provides 1 x HD and 7 x SD programs within the stations 19.39 Mbit/s OTA signal. The CDS solution can provide discrete H.264 outputs that independently feed to local cable headends.

The WACX solution includes the CDS powered by TitanLive software-based ATSC encoding solution. CDS Powered by TitanLive is a future-proof encoder that delivers not only ATSC 1.0 today, but also HEVC for future ATSC 3.0 use.

The WACX integrated solution included a GuideBuilder for PSIP management as well as a DASDEC EAS receiver.  In addition, CDS provided equipment integration, service level agreement, on-site installation, and training services to the WKAR staff.

“We have positioned CDS to assist customers deploy cutting edge DTV encoding solutions that support both ATSC 1.0 today as well as ATSC 3.0 tomorrow,” says Dick Fiore, president-CEO of Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark, LLC. “Our team worked very closely with the staff at WACX and we are extremely pleased to be part of this very important project.”

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