Zegami Offers Broadcast Visual Data Exploration Platform

Zegami, a visual data exploration company that combines digital media, data and artificial intelligence (AI) into a single cloud-based platform to quickly extract valuable information and identify patterns within, is launching into the broadcast industry.

Already working in sectors such as sports, retail and medical research, Zegami’s visual exploration technology, which started in the world of molecular medicine, is now available to broadcast organizations that need to make decisions on content, quality and processes.

Effectively, Zegami collates the masses of unstructured visual data from disparate private and public systems into a single platform and transforms it into valuable and purposeful visual information.

“Currently, the tools used to make these decisions are aggregated BI/analytic tools that only deal with numbers and text, or they are asset management software that have no analytics element to them,” explains Sam Conway, CEO of Zegami. “Businesses tend to employ multiple sets of teams with specific skills to make sense of all the data at their disposal, but this task can be insurmountable and costly.”

Zegami offers a way to visualize, search and classify microscopy data that lets a single user work with volumes of image data that would otherwise be overwhelming, generating insights that would be impossible to achieve manually.

Zegami says that using a unique algorithm, it “offers an instant boost to real-time live production values. It draws all of the information from a broadcaster’s structural databases, media asset management (MAM) systems, metadata, API, statistics, social media and live data platforms into a single, highly visual user interface (UI) using proxys and webhooks.”


During live soccer coverage, for example, editors may need to display stats on a goal scorer; with Zegami, not only can they bring up the current player’s performance stats, historical facts, images, video and real time social media influence, they can also call up a collection of similar players over history or a collection of similar goals, and many other comparisons, incredibly quickly using customized filters.

The customized faceted filter system aids producers, researchers and editors to analyze all of the data on a single screen and helps users to quickly figure out what their audiences want to see in that moment, without having to work their way through lists or search engines or have a researcher do any ‘ground work’ before the program airs.  It uses visuals, such as scatter plots and media tiles which can be lassoed to find comparable data quickly.

By combining AI and human sentiment to optimize data and give emotional context for live audience consumption, Zegami says it is a powerful engagement tool.

“Zegami is a natural fit for the broadcast industry, not only does the platform save on guesswork and pre-planning, it enables producers, editors and many other roles within a broadcast operation, to make smarter decisions around their collective data, better engage audiences, as well as delivering and enriching ‘the moment’,” said Conway.

“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing Zegami to the broadcast market where so many of the applications are mission critical and audiences ever more difficult to retain. Broadcasters are dealing with a tsunami of unstructured digital and non-digital media and data, which they must use to make decisions.

“What has been key to the success of our platform in other industries is its unique ability to engage both machine learning and human intuition to empower people to make smarter and faster decisions.  We believe that broadcast market has been searching for this balance and we’re looking forward to providing it,” concluded Conway.

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