DMAS 206 & 190

3 Montana TVs Add NVerzion Automation

Montana’s Beartooth NBC has deployed NVerzion‘s automation technology at its KTVH (NBC) and KMTF (CW) Helena (DMA 206) and KBGF (NBC) Great Falls (DMA 190). The system provides transmission of on-air signals and simplifies the workload of master control operations, which are centralized at KTVH. Beartooth NBC is a subsidiary of Intermountain West Communications Company of Las Vegas.

“It all started with a failed commercial server at our facilities. While looking to replace it, we began delving into the option of installing automation systems to help us become more efficient,” said Jim Meier, operations manager at Beartooth NBC. “NVerzion’s technology not only provides us with a more streamlined workflow, but the system also allows us to move away from tape and the hassle of maintaining recording equipment and associated recording media — a huge savings of both time and money. We had been thinking about transitioning to this type of a model for some time, and NVerzion provided us with the support to make it a reality.”

Prior to the installation of automation technology from NVerzion at KTVH, the operation relied upon several manual processes to receive and air both programming and commercial content from NBC and CW. With the automation technology in place, the new system works with the existing in-house router, videotape machines, production control equipment and master control switchers to automate content ingest, transcoding, segmenting, playlist management, and related processes. The new technology streamlines the workload of master control operators, freeing them for other tasks.

In addition, automation creates smoother transitions between program and commercial content, reducing the likelihood of missing feeds from the network. The system also provides automated validation of aired commercial content, streamlining broadcast operations and ensuring transparency and accuracy for agencies.

An NBC affiliate station, KTVH receives its content from multiple sources including the NBC network, Pathfire, PitchBlue, various videotaped programs, live programming, as well as from satellites. The received program content is then routed to an Omneon Spectrum server utilizing NVerzion NGest and NTime for ingesting content, NCompass for managing the processing and playout of file-based content, and NControl for interfacing with master control and/or routing switchers for seamless on-air scheduling. Each Beartooth NBC station also has the ability to air separate commercial content targeted towards its unique market.

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