41st Annual Gracie Awards Presented

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation handed out the 41st Annual Gracie Awards at a luncheon in New York City.

Host Robin Meade led the program alongside presenters Beverly Bond, Emme, Erica Hill and Ginger Zee. The Gracie Awards were presented to honorees that were previously announced (see the full list of honorees here) in recognition of their successes in the media industry.

Lifetime Achievement Honoree Joan Hamburg was presented her award by close friend Alan Alda. Ginger Zee was not only a presenter but an acceptor for Good Morning America’s win for outstanding talk show-news.

Highlights from the show include:

  • Host Robin Meade commented that “You can contribute to this industry, to the nation, by doing this job. Thank you to Gracies for changing women’s lives and for the lives you are about to change today.”
  • Meade also stated: “If you are in a situation and become aware you aren’t getting equal pay, I want our young people to hear that at least half of the responsibility is yours …  you’ve got to march your little butt into the boss’s office, speak their language and discuss a raise.”
  • Alan Alda, when speaking of Lifetime Achievement Honoree Joan Hamburg, said: “In a media industry where talk radio is overwhelmingly dominated by men, Joan is a woman’s voice that is graceful and lively but authoritative.”
  • Canadian singer/songwriter Ruth B performed her viral hit Lost Boy and her unreleased single In My Dreams.
  • Lifetime Achievement Honoree Joan Hamburg said: “To all the people in the radio industry, including my new WABC family who stood by me, it’s about community. Always about community. People’s lives.”
  • 2015 Gracie Award winner and 2016 Luncheon presenter Erica Hill said: “I’m proud to call myself a woman in media. The 2015 Gracie that I won was my confirmation. All these stories that people have so graciously shared with me, that I poured my heart into, were recognized.”
  • Model Emme said: “I hear the stories that make me feel like I can do the things that are in front of me despite the roadblocks and I can only get that perspective through the various diverse stories on TV and radio. It is beautiful to hear the blossoming voices of women.”

View photos from the event here

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