IBC 2014

Accedo Touts Next-Gen Multiscreen Solution

Accedo, global TV application solutions provider, has introduced its next-generation multiscreen solution, Accedo VIA, at IBC.

Accedo VIA enables operators, media companies and broadcasters to launch full-featured multiscreen services quickly and efficiently across multiple connected platforms, including PCs, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and game consoles.
With the emergence of all these new application platforms, the universe of devices is extremely complex, and user behavior is no longer identical for different devices. Accedo VIA has been launched to solve that complexity that creates both technical challenges of multiplatform delivery, as well as editorial challenges, where different platforms may require different promotions, messages and consumer bundling.
Accedo says its VIA solves the technical challenges, meaning operators, media companies, and broadcasters can instead concentrate on creating a unique and compelling user experience for their customers.

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