AllDigital To Launch Premium OTT Video Service

AllDigital on Thursday announced the launch of itsl Brevity for Video Platforms, which includes ready-to-run integration with global network provider Level 3 Communications, Inc. and the customizable video solution, JW Player.

AllDigital for Video Platforms gives content owners and publishers automated workflows to upload more than 300 professional video CODECs at high speed, according to a company release. While uploading videos, the system analyzes the media to optimize it for global delivery across the Level 3 network with playback via the latest generation of the JW Player.

The product includes a feature set for both live and on-demand media that includes dynamic encryption and playback of premium content. For advertising-supported models, key IAB standards including VPAID, VAST, VMAP and Google IMA are ready to deploy. For subscription video, on-demand, end-to-end encryption enables quick onboarding for premium rights holders.

“Our collaboration with members of the AllDigital team go back to the early days of JW Player, when we powered the original YouTube video player,” said JW Player Co-Founder and Creator Jeroen Wijering. “Fast forward to 2015, JW Player now powers more than 15 billion monthly streams. In terms of revenue for media organizations, digital is no longer the sidecar, it is the motorcycle. Video and playback of the video in a trusted and proven solution is central to any digital strategy.”

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