Alrai TV Uses Imagine For Playout Automation

Imagine Communications has installed a playout system at Alrai TV, a premium family entertainment satellite service based in Kuwait. The system integrates with existing islands of operations, provided by Imagine in the past, covering production, news and playout.  

Imagine has worked closely with Alrai since 2004. In the past 18 months, the two companies have been focused on upgrading the existing systems to the latest next-gen technology. The final stage of the project added a comprehensive broadcast playout and news production automation network based on Imagine’s market-proven ADC automation platform.

Content for both the newsroom and for channel playout is stored on a network of Nexio servers. Management of that content, including ingest, quality control and transcoding, as well as redundancy and archiving, is handled by Nexio Motion asset management software.

This transparent utility layer links directly to both the ADC automation for channel playout and the Nexio integrated news production playout applications. The deployment also includes multiple Selenio 6800+ processing systems and Imagine Storage.

The new system was designed and implemented internally by Alrai’s engineering team and supported by Imagine Communications’ professional services team.

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