ATBA Taps Louis Libin As Executive Director

The former NBC tech exec will lead the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance’s efforts to protect LPTV and other broadcast users of spectrum .

The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) today named Louis Libin as its executive director effective immediately. The ATBA is currently advocating for preserving and promoting the efficient and effective use of all television broadcast spectrum.

Libin joins the ATBA from New York, where he has been an adviser to television stations and equipment manufacturers in the development of advanced television and mobile strategies and implementation, both in the U.S and internationally, Experienced in television management, business and strategic development, Libin is the former director of engineering, and CTO of NBC where his responsibilities included transmission, distribution and licensing. At NBC, Libin oversaw several key initiatives including the conversion to KU, the conversion to DTV and new station expansion.

Libin’s background in television station operations and management goes back more than 20 years. Post-NBC, Libin served as president of Broad Comm, primarily a television station consulting company.

His experience is not limited to administration. He began his work in the technology and science side of the business studying optical electronics and high-speed videography at MIT, leading Libin to an industry career collecting patents relating to broadcast spectrum and new wireless technologies. Libin has been the U.S. spokesman for broadcasting systems including interactivity at the ITU in Geneva.

“We are delighted to be bringing Louis on board at this time,” said ATBA Board Chairman Rod Payne. “We conducted a nationwide search and we are pleased to be able to bring someone of Louis’s caliber to represent broadcasters in Washington, D.C. He brings a great combination of skills and background to the ATBA, and we couldn’t be happier with our selection.”

Libin said his vision for the ATBA is rooted in the belief that technological change has created possibilities that would have seemed far-fetched when the broadcast industry was in its infancy and that broadcasters of every size should be allowed to fully use the spectrum they have used for so long in serving U.S. viewers.


“We’re living in a multiplatform, multimedia, on-demand world,” Libin said. “The ATBA, by protecting the diversity represented by all broadcast stations, is adjusting to that. This is all about preserving low-power, translator and high-power broadcast services. Broadcast television will remain the anchor no matter which direction all the new wireless technologies go. I see the ATBA expanding further the local broadcasting opportunities to best serve the public.”

“The Alliance has been actively working for over a year with congressional leadership to put forth language to protect LPTV. Louis Libin is the perfect person to further this process as well as strengthen our relationships with the NAB, NRB, NTA and the FCC,” said ATBA Communications Director Lee Miller.

“It is important that the ATBA message gets heard ‘through the noise,’ and be well funded,” said Libin. “All sizes of operators, including low-power operators, need a voice to let Washington know of the importance of the vibrant, important broadcast television industry. Television operators of all sizes play a vital role in America’s media industry today and need to be heard.”

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Meagan Zickuhr says:

December 16, 2013 at 5:25 pm

Congrats to Libin. Let’s hope he does Quite A Bit More Homework before getting started! I’d like him to meet Mike Gravino of The LPTV Coalition… Headquartered in Washington AND visit,,, this is the website and Advocacy Group that the ATBA (Alliance) stole our Tag Line of more than 3+ years! Ask how the ATBA… errrr Sinclair (via Mark Aitkin) is paying for his quite expensive services!!!!

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