Bahakel Signs Repack Deal With Hitachi Comark

Bahakel Communications has signed a master purchase agreement (MPA) with Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark, manufacturer and supplier of DTV transmitters, encoding systems, and associated field services. The move is designed to smooth the repack of six Bahakel stations.

The MPA provides Bahakel with the key framework for the purchase of new transmitters and associated services within the group’s six DTV transmitter facilities. Under the MPA, Comark provides guaranteed delivery, program management, on-site installation/proof-of-performance testing and extended warranties on each of the transmitters.

Comark will also be providing system design services/site surveys for all of the repack stations to ensure a smooth installation process. The MPA covers delivery of new transmitters for each of the six Bahakel stations affected by the FCC repack: WAKA and WBMM Montgomery, Ala.; WCCB Charlotte, N.C.; WFXB Myrtle Beach-Florence, S.C.; WBBJ Jackson, Tenn.; and WOLO Columbia, S.C.

Comark debuted the Parallax UHF high efficiency transmitter at the 2016 NAB Show, where it won NewBay Media’s Best of Show Award, presented by TV Technology. According to Comark, “Parallax is the transmitter that is designed for repack, providing broadband Doherty performance and a future- proof design.”

Among Parallax features listed by Comark are:

  • Highest power liquid cooled solid state transmitter available; up to 27.5kW TPO per rack cabinet, multiple cabinets for up to 100 kW.
  • Highest efficiency with wideband Doherty technology.
  • Unique vertical high-gain power amplifiers providing 2kW per PA module for UHF and 1.6kW per PA modules for VHF band 3.
  • Asymmetrical Doherty; same power in 8VSB and OFDM.
  • Unique DualCast ATSC 1.0 / 3.0 upgradeable; preserves investment.
  • Hot-swap AC to DC rectifiers with greater than 96% efficiency.
  • Made in the USA, serviced and supported out of Southwick, Mass.

“The MPA is a continuation of the great relationship between our two organizations that began over 19 years ago and will continue through the FCC repack,” says Dick Fiore, president-CEO of Comark.. “Bahakel Communications, known for its innovation and expertise in UHF transmission systems, has the confidence in Comark to select us as a long-term partner for their broadcasting needs” 


“Bahakel Communications is pleased to continue our long-term relationship with Comark for replacement transmitters under the FCC Repack” said Bahakel’s Bob Davis, director of engineering and operations. “Comark consistently provides us with the service, support and customer-focused attention required in today’s 24/7 broadcast environment.”

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