Bexel Adds Sony Super Slow Motion Cameras

Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions has made an initial purchase of 20 Sony HDC-4300 camera systems of more than $2 million. Bexel said the new HDC-4300 camera is “extremely versatile, offering superior HD quality from 4K UHD sensors, super slow motion capability from 3x, 4x, 6x and 8x (240fps), and 4K UHD quality output.”

“We are pleased to invest in the HDC-4300,” said Tom Dickinson, CTO of Bexel Global. “We feel that Sony’s new camera is very impressive in every aspect. It covers HD, to super slow motion, to 4K UHD all in one camera. And it has the same camera body design as the HDC-2500 and uses all the same camera accessories, including CCU, RCP and HDLA build-up kits. The expansion of super slo-mo to 8x is also an exciting new feature to us, as sports productions are demanding higher frame rates.” 

The investment in the Sony HDC-4300 represents the first stage of a 75 camera system expansion plan slated to roll-out over the next two years. “This investment is part of our continued support and development of 4K UHD camera solutions, which started with a major purchase of Sony 4K Live systems in 2014,” Dickinson added. “The HDC-4300 is also the centerpiece of our greater camera system expansion plan, which calls for flexibility in any camera requirement. This system is ideal for Bexel, as it can be used on any HD project, while working for super slow motion specialty applications and 4K broadcasts as well.”

“The HDC-4300 4K studio camera has the combination of features that Bexel Global’s customers most desire,” said John Studdert, VP, sales and marketing, Sony’s Professional Solutions Americas. “Sports and live entertainment producers are demanding more tools so they can more effectively engage the home viewer. The HDC-4300 with up to 8x 1080/60p high frame rate, super zoom and simultaneous 4K and HD outputs gives them maximum flexibility to create the perfect production without the complications that come with using cameras from multiple vendors.”

Bexel Global’s slate of HDC-4300 camera systems is already committed for the upcoming professional football season. “Our customers are clamoring for this system,” Dickinson said. “Super slow motion cameras have been a key rental offering for us, and the HDC-4300 allows for a variety of uses.”

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