Bloomberg Selects Invision’s Dealmaker System

Invision Inc., a provider of cross-platform advertising solutions to the media industry, today announced that Bloomberg Media Group has chosen Invision’s DealMaker Crossroad (DMC) platform to manage the company’s growing advertising sales and commercial operations across its domestic and international television and radio properties.

Invision develops and provides integrated advertising planning and sales solutions.

“Invision is committed to providing Bloomberg’s media properties and all of our clients, with best-in-class solutions that optimize revenue and maximize operational efficiency,” said Lynda Clarizio, CEO of Invision.

In 2010, Invision secured exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the Crossroad traffic system from Turner Broadcasting System. traffic system, has integrated Crossroad with its DealMaker ad sales system.

Offered on both an enterprise and hosted basis, traffic system,’s software-based solutions manage the sale of more than $13 billion in annual television advertising inventory. Invision’s customers include over 60 media outlets such as Comcast, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Television and Univision.

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