‘Bones’ Fans Can Own A Piece Of The Show

After 12 seasons, Fox’s Bones ended its successful run last night. To commemorate the series finale, Hollywood collectibles auction site ScreenBid, will host an exclusive online auction of close to 1,100 props, wardrobe pieces and memorabilia from the set of Bones.

Launching today, Wednesday, March 29, the auction will run for 15 days. Lots begin closing on Thursday, April 13, with the final lots closing on Friday, April 14.

Items for auction include: 

  • Agent Booth’s desk
  • Dr. Brennan’s final season lab coat
  • Booth & Brennan’s living room couch
  • Jeffersonian Institution forensics kits
  • Agent Booth’s beer helmet
  • Gormogon’s skeleton
  • Dr. Brennan’s prop published books
  • Angela’s artwork
  • Angela’s artsy lab coats
  • Agent Booth’s FBI ID
  • Dr. Hodgins’ particulates
  • Zack’s King of the Lab trophy

Fans can preview the auction online now at http://screen.bid/bones.

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