CBS Duops Clear Trifecta’s ‘Geek Meets Girl’

The new reality strip will pair mismatched people, a geek and a beauty, and send them on dates. Among the stations on board are eight CBS-owned stations as well as a half-dozen others.

Trifecta Entertainment & Media has cleared Geek Meets Girl, a half-hour reality/relationship strip on eight CBS-owned stations including KCAL Los Angeles, KBCW San Francisco, KTXA Dallas, KSTW Seattle, WKBC Detroit and KMAX Sacramento, Calif.

Based on Beauty and the Geek, a reality series that ran for five seasons on The CW, the syndicated series will pair mismatched people, a geek and a beauty, and send them on two dates, with the geek setting the terms on the first outing, and the beauty on the second. Each episode includes a dramatic makeover of the geek and ends with a moment of truth in which, the company says, “the audience finds out if the match is a natural or a natural disaster.”

Hank Cohen, Trifecta’s co-founder and CEO, says the CBS outlets, as well as more than a dozen other stations that have cleared it, will air it primarily in latenight, although some are slotting it in early fringe or prime access. ‘They see this as a utility show that could work in a number of time periods,” he said.

Cohen expects some stations to pair Geek Meets Girl with CBS Television Distribution’s Excused, a reality dating show in which a group of men compete for a date with one of two women who whittle down the competition as they get to know the men and then find themselves competing for the date with the winning man.

KCAL and Weigel Broadcasting’s WCIU Chicago, for example, have cleared both shows.

Katalyst Media Inc. and Nick Santora, creators of Beauty and the Geek, and Clearwater Entertainment are partnering with Trifecta in producing Geek Meets Girl, which will be Trifecta’s first syndicated strip.


The company has also been developing and promoting a court strip, Last Shot with Judge Gunn, based on a real-life judge who sends drug addicts caught up in the criminal justice system to treatment instead of to jail as long as they agree to her terms.

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Mike Henry says:

January 26, 2011 at 2:20 pm

It looks like the dating show is about to have a long overdue comeback in syndication. The only dating shows that seem to be on broadcast TV nowadays are “12 Corazones” on Telemundo, and “The Bachelor” and “Dating in the Dark” on ABC. The Janet Jackson “Boobgate” scandal kind of almost killed the syndie dating show genre years ago when the FCC started cracking down on “indecent content”, but with “Excused” and now “Geek Meets Girl” being greenlit, it looks syndie dating shows are coming back from the dead.

Dave IE6 Test says:

January 30, 2011 at 10:02 am

Dating shows somehow have been pushed back by reality TV shows. Sounds like an interesting format on this show. I work at DISH Network, and we were given the opportunity to use Google TV. Loving it, unlike DirectTV, there are more technology offerings from DISH Network. Give it a try!