CBS Local Acquires Event Listing Service

CBS Local says joining forces with Eventful, which connects consumers with information on events, will result in more engaging digital content for users, whether they are interested in music, entertainment, sports or where to go in their hometown. The merger will also provide new opportunities for marketers to reach consumers through a combination of digital, broadcast and live event platforms.

CBS Local Media has entered into an agreement to buy Eventful, a digital media company that links consumers with personalized information on entertainment and events.

Eventful provides users details on concerts, movie listings and events around the country online, on mobile devices and via email.  The company creates fan profiles which it uses to deliver targeted recommendations and information.

 “By offering audiences comprehensive local information all in one place, Eventful has amassed an engaged community that is passionate about finding experiences that match their lifestyle and personal tastes,” CBS Local Media COO Anton Guitano said in a statement.  “This strategy reflects that of CBS Local Media, making this union a terrific complement to our growing digital business. Broadcast and online audiences will now have more insight into more events. Simultaneously, we are thrilled to offer our clients more options to reach their target customer.”

The terms of the agreement were not released.

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