IBC 2017

ChyronHego Shows Camera Tracking System

At IBC2017, ChyronHego is showcasing an all-new version of its Silver robotic camera head with the RoboRail straight camera rail system from Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd.

The combined system provides no-delay camera tracking of augmented reality (AR) graphics and virtual set in news broadcasting, the companies said. 

Silver is part of ChyronHego’s family of virtual studio/AR tracking solutions that provide real-time, precise camera motion within 2D or 3D computer-generated backgrounds.

The robotic heads’ built-in intelligence makes them so precise that camera moves are predicted and anticipated, enabling a Zero-Delay feature that cancels the requirement for video/audio delays.

Installed on the compact and economic RoboRail, mounted vertically or horizontally on a wall, ceiling, floor, or even the anchor’s desk, the camera rail system makes it easy for news productions to enliven their newscasts with visually compelling AR graphics.

Through the templated graphics workflows in CAMIO Universe, producers can easily generate AR graphics created with Krypton, ChyronHego’s virtual set and graphics creation and playout solution.


MOS interfaces with newsroom computer systems enable ChyronHego’s CAMIO graphic asset management server to deliver the AR and virtual set graphics seamlessly to air, together with the right assets and camera motions.

“Technologies like AR and virtual sets are playing an important role in helping news organizations retain existing audiences and capture new ones,” said Johan Apel, president and CEO of ChyronHego.

“With attention-grabbing 2D or 3D graphics popping out from behind or beside an anchor desk, the news anchor can tell a better story and enthrall viewers of all ages.”

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