Cinegy, Linear Acoustic Partner On Loudness

Linear Acoustic, a Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group company, today announced a strategic OEM partnership with Germany-based Cinegy GmbH to supply loudness processing solutions for use in Cinegy asset management, ingest and playout software products. The integration provides improved listening experiences for consumers across a range of media formats, while ensuring compliance with international requirements including EBU R128 regarding loudness levels in broadcast television content. 

Linear Acoustic APTO loudness processing solution monitors and adjusts loudness levels of real-time audio streams and file-based assets. Its adaptive algorithm, the company says, “enhances the listening experience, improves dialog intelligibility, helps prevent listening annoyance and, while retaining the original sound quality and creative intent, provides uncompromised loudness consistency with full regulatory compliance across all platforms.” Linear Acoustic APTO includes APTO.file for file-based processing and for real-time processing.


“Consumers are accessing content on a variety of devices and platforms, each with different volume parameters, from a growing list of media outlets,” said Markus Hintz, VP of business development at the Telos Alliance. “Linear Acoustic APTO helps Cinegy deliver high quality, compliant audio for all client use cases.”


Cinegy’s product line includes media asset management, video ingest and software-based encoding, broadcast automation and playout, as well as production and archiving tools. Audio processing for the platform has been designed around Linear Acoustic’s real-time processing which is positioned in the final distribution path to control unwanted loudness changes and maintain compliance.



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