ComScore Aims To Boost Audience Targeting

Its new Activation suite is also designed to boost advertising relevance using TV, digital and cross-platform data.

ComScore today launched Activation, a new product suite developed to help advertisers, agencies and media companies efficiently reach the right audiences at the right time while ensuring ad delivery in relevant and brand safe content.

With Activation, clients use the same data from comScore’s planning and measurement products to create scalable audience segments, which are deployed in client-owned or third-party advertising platforms.

ComScore Activation is available in more than 15 ad tech platforms, including Adobe, AppNexus, Centro, Salesforce, Tru Optik and Videology.

Early customers are already using Activation to create demographic and advanced audience targets based on comScore’s TV, over-the-top, digital and cross-platform behavioral data. Using digital demographic targets from Activation, “they are seeing significant improvements in in-target campaign delivery rates,” according to ComScore. Clients can also ensure quality delivery through Activation’s leading contextual and verification technology that accounts for brand safety, viewability and invalid traffic.

“The media industry is moving in the direction of advanced audience segmentation and more intelligent, quality campaign delivery,” said Dan Hess, EVP of products at comScore. “comScore Activation provides our clients with a number of ways to find and activate their most valuable audience segments based on consumers’ behaviors across all platforms as well as to ensure ads will be delivered in quality, brand safe environments. This allows them to extract greater value out of the advertising ecosystem and drive stronger ROI.”

With this solution, ComScore says advertisers “can segment audiences based on TV campaign exposure to extend reach to unexposed audiences online. They can also retarget exposed audiences across desktop and mobile to achieve frequency goals, often at a lower CPM. Many are also creating lookalike models to grow their customer base and deliver messaging they know will resonate.”


ComScore Activation was developed to address four core data activation needs:

  • Scale: Activation is powered by ComScore’s massive data footprint, which consists of behavioral data across desktop, mobile and TV audiences.
  • Precision: A combination of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning assets allow granular targets to be created so clients can precisely reach audiences with confidence.
  • Quality: A contextual engine based on proprietary pattern-profiling methodology allows clients to add page-level relevance and brand safety analysis to their campaign delivery with levels of precision and scale other semantic and keyword approaches cannot provide.
  • Neutrality: Committed to neutrality, ComScore Activation is available to clients on a direct basis or for use in programmatic buying platforms, but ComScore says it does not engage in any targeting, buying or selling of media.

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