ComScore And Rentrak Complete Merger

The two longtime media measurement firms plan to use their “massive data scale to establish new currencies for understanding consumers’ multiscreen behavior.”

ComScore Inc. said today it has completed its merger with Rentrak to create a new cross-platform measurement company. Both companies, comScore said, “have unmatched expertise in unifying billions of pieces of proprietary ‘census’ data, encompassing digital,  TV set-top box, movie screens and demographic information with the behavior of millions of individual consumers.”

Rentrak becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of ComScore, which joins the S&P MidCap 400 Index, moving from the S&P SmallCap 600 Index.
“This merger brings together two great entrepreneurial companies that invented their respective fields and their respective trusted currencies,” said Serge Matta, CEO of comScore. “Both have been driven to create innovative technology platforms that use massive data scale to measure increasingly fragmented consumer behavior. Together these two principal architects of the multiscreen future will deliver the cross-platform currencies that have been demanded for so long.”
Together, the new company reports in more than 75 countries. In the United States, comScore will now be measuring behavior on more than 260 million desktop screens, 160 million mobile phone screens, 95 million tablet screens, 40 million television screens, 120 million video-on-demand screens, and 40,000 movie theater screens representing well over a hundred million movie-goers.
 “The cross-platform world is changing rapidly and this change demands relentless inventiveness, agility, and collaborative intelligence,” added Matta. “These are qualities on which both companies have built their success. This proven ability to precisely measure extremely fragmented, dynamic audiences in dramatic, innovative ways — and to quickly report on it — has provided the insights that allow our clients to act with great competitive advantages.”
“The media industry can no longer be measured with samples in the thousands of households or individuals,” said Bill Livek, vice chairman-president of comScore. “The solutions our customers need must be based on unifying and making actionable massive amounts of information they can use as both a currency and to better manage their businesses. Our joint cultures have been living and breathing this mission from our companies’ inceptions.”
“When you come from the world of trillions of fragmented digital interactions, you understand the need for massive data and sophisticated technology. That’s why for 15 years we’ve invented measurement systems based on these principles in anticipation of the evolving needs of our clients,” said Magid Abraham, comScore’s chairman and co-founder. “We’re incredibly excited about where our innovations and insights will take our clients in this new trajectory.”

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