Crispin Unveils SaaS Automation, MAM Solutions

Crispin Corp., a supplier of master control automation and media asset management solutions, has announced the availability of Cameo and Veranda, two new software-as-a-service (SaaS) products for broadcast and cable television stations. Cameo and Veranda automates and optimizes master control operations and includes all hardware, software, training and ongoing support and warranty as a fixed monthly subscription fee. A new Veranda subscription also includes onsite training and commissioning within the 48 contiguous states at no additional charge.

Cameo is a single-server automation solution with a starting price of $399 per month for a single channel and $150 per month for additional channels. Veranda is a full-spectrum automation solution for larger multichannel operations and environments that can benefit from sophisticated asset management tools.

For example, Veranda includes options like Crispin DTA and Crispin BXF Service that automates file-based workflows and provides a real-time interface to traffic, respectively. Veranda starts at $499 per month for the base package that includes one channel. Veranda is expandable and each additional channel may be added for $175 per month.

Whereas master control automation and media asset management solutions have typically only been sold as capital purchases, Crispin says Cameo and Veranda represent an entirely new purchasing model for media companies that produce, manage, and transmit video. Similar to other SaaS products in other industries, Crispin says it is providing Cameo and Veranda to allow customers to use a master control automation and MAM solution that is dramatically lower in initial costs and is easier to operate and service than traditional systems.

Crispin will also continue to offer its solutions as an upfront purchase with a perpetual software license as previously offered and as such, Cameo and Veranda represent additions to the current product line. The decision by Crispin to add this choice by customers to either purchase or subscribe was described by Alan DeVaney, Crispin president-founder, as an easy decision to make. “Our strength at Crispin has always been our ability to deliver on a simple promise to customers: that they would get the automation solution that they bought and we’d stick with them to make sure it worked right,” DeVaney said. “In essence, what we have delivered in all of these years was not just a product but a true service. Cameo and Veranda represents a pure expression of that service model that’s already been working for 15 years.”

Both Cameo and Veranda have fixed monthly subscription fees, based upon the number of channels and product feature packages selected. Cameo is expandable up to 8 channels and can also be expanded to a Veranda system with no penalty. Both Cameo and Veranda require a one-time activation fee and an 18-month minimum contract. Afterwards, customers are free to continue on a month-to-month basis or renew a contract at their choice.


Cameo and Veranda includes all of the necessary hardware and all hardware is fully warrantied throughout the term of the subscription. Crispin explained that including the hardware was a key element of this program since so many broadcast and cable operations struggle with the constant cycle of maintaining and upgrading hardware among so many different vendors. The complete list of all Cameo and Veranda packages and prices is available in a brochure provided by Crispin via its website.

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