Cross MediaWorks, BIM Offer iPhone/Android App

Cross MediaWorks’ mobile advertising division announced a new initiative with Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), a provider of locally-focused revenue, content and technical solutions for TV, radio and newspaper websites. Through Cross MediaWorks, BIM is expanding its mobile offering by providing clients with a toolbox of native smart phone apps, specially designed and written using the phone’s unique operating system’s code language. The end result, the companies said, “will greatly increase station-side revenue opportunities, while also providing a comprehensive approach for local media websites to build a mobile presence.”

“BIM’s customers are interested in mobile outreach, which will allow us to focus on key areas, be it SMS/MMS, direct applications, or mobile websites” said Jay O’Sullivan, VP mobile and online advertising and marketing, Cross MediaWorks. “As more users are moving towards smart phones, accessibility to the Internet is a seamless process. Individuals are using mobile devices to manage bank accounts, and shop for consumer products — imitating home applications. This transition towards mobile compliance opens an untapped market.”

“With mobile marketing on the rise, the opportunity for media outlets to shape their message and content correctly is key for wanted results,” says Marc Krigsman, CEO of Cross MediaWorks.

The new BIM app toolbox will give local media sites the flexibility to feature content channels such as breaking and local news, community updates, weather forecasts and current station promotions. Content will be monetized through local and national ads delivered via the BIMLocal ad network in combination with Cross MediaWorks’s clients. In addition, the partnership with Cross MediaWorks provides an SMS platform to support text alerts.

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