DirecTV Cuts 24-Hour 3D Channel To Part-Time

LOS ANGELES (AP) — DirecTV says it has reduced the programming hours of its 24-hour 3D channel, n3D, due to a shortage of 3D content.

The satellite TV provider launched the channel to much fanfare in July 2010, boasting the backing of Panasonic. The company said it was the first 3D channel to operate around the clock.

The dearth of 3D programs led to the same shows being run in a constant loop.

The reduced hours occurred June 1.

Spokesman Robert Mercer said the channel continues to air 3D shows like “Guitar Center Sessions” and plans to air Olympics coverage in 3D this summer.

To watch the channel, viewers need a 3D-ready TV, an HD receiver and HD service, which costs $10 a month. The channel is, however, available to all DirecTV subscribers.


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