Dr. Phil Partners With AARP’s Life Reimagined

Life Reimagined, a nonprofit subsidiary of AARP, today announced a new collaboration with Dr. Phil McGraw, marking the first time Dr. Phil’s approach to helping people reflect, evaluate priorities and take action to live their best lives, is available in a customized, interactive digital platform.

“Each one of us is made up of a combination of beliefs, facts, opinions and perceptions,” said McGraw. “I believe that becoming more conscious of your own thoughts and behaviors can purposely and actively create the life experiences you want.  The Life Reimagined team has already created an incredible platform, and I am thrilled to bring my brand to their site to help provide an interactive way for people to experience my approach.”

At the center of this collaboration is the launch of an online course and subscription, that harnesses key methods and tools from Dr. Phil’s expertise to help people find their “authentic self,” a major focus of Dr. Phil’s research and writing throughout his career, and discover every unique skill and ability they have, however deeply buried it might be. The platform will offer a combination of free and paid original content

The platform includes multiple guided assessments such as an Authenticity Scale and the Test of Congruency, which allows people to understand the external and internal factors that drive one’s sense of self. Life Reimagined with Dr. Phil then prepares individuals with an Action Plan for the future and tools to express one’s Authentic Self to the world.

The paid tools that are part of the new Life Reimagined with Dr. Phil platform are available by subscription for $19.95 per month.

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