Entertainment Studios Launches Sports OTT

Entertainment Studios Inc. has unveiled a new, direct-to-consumer global streaming OTT subscription platform, SPORTS.TV. The company projects 50 million subs over the next five years. 

Entertainment Studios, Inc., one of the largest independent producers and distributors of film and television, with 41 shows on the air, and owner of seven 24-hour HD cable television networks, is launching a new, direct-to-consumer global streaming OTT subscription platform, SPORTS.TV. Entertainment Studios is projecting 50 million worldwide subscribers over the next five years.

SPORTS.TV has aggregated high-profile and independent sports networks on one platform, connecting real sports fans to their favorite regional, national, and global sports channels, teams, games, players, highlights and scores on every device worldwide. SPORTS.TV will be available on all devices–including smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, gaming consoles, as well as personal computers and laptops.

“The appetite for live sports programming is insatiable, and consumers worldwide are making it very clear they want to access this content on every device, wherever they go,” said Byron Allen, founder, chairman, and CEO of Entertainment Studios. “SPORTS.TV is an innovative global OTT subscription service that aggregates both live sports networks and premium sports content on one digital platform, giving our subscribers complete access to all of their favorite teams and players on every device worldwide.”

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Ricardo Celis says:

September 19, 2017 at 8:32 am

So what exactly is on Sports.TV? “High Profile and independent sports networks” means what. Lazy reporting that looks like its lifted right off the press release. Byron at his best.

Kristina Veltri says:

September 20, 2017 at 12:39 am

Basically…he’s creating a junky sports portal in a space where the Player’s Tribune and 27 other sports sites (not to mention Siri and Google Now) already have primacy. Also, I suspect this is a sad attempt for Byron to force his stupid useless rerun channels down the throats of cable providers with a ‘new’ sports network since Spectrum and Comcast have literally laughed off his $10 billion carriage lawsuits. The television industry needs to stop indulging this man; he has low-effort programming that is generally awful.