ePort Passes $4B In Spot Deals In 2014

The programmatic ad platform, a cooperative effort between Strata, Katz Media and Cox Reps, setsan all-time record for orders.

ePort, Strata’s electronic order delivery system for TV buyers and sellers, marked its biggest year ever, processing more than $4 billion in new TV orders in 2014. More than 1,600 television stations received electronic orders during the year from over 350 advertising agencies across the country.

ePort provides a two-way, electronic connection between buyers and sellers — a programmatic infrastructure. Television rep firms and stations can receive an agency’s original order all the way to their traffic system seamlessly. They can also send make-goods back to the buyer and receive revisions electronically.   

ePort’s $4 billion in 2014 was a 125% increase from the previous year and up 68% over the previous election year, according to Strata, which said the platform also has witnessed a steady increase in advertising agency usage as well, up 373% in the last three years.

In 2011, Strata, in cooperation with Katz Media and Cox Reps, took over responsibility for ePort from TVB.

In December alone, ePort had $437 million in new television orders flow through the industry leading system. This marked the best December in the product’s history, and its third best month ever.

“Strata is proud of ePort’s success to this point and pledges to continue to grow the platform for rep firms, stations and their agency partners to help make TV ads easier to buy,” said Mike McHugh, Strata VP. “In order for the TV industry to fully adopt programmatic practices, there must be a reliable, scalable infrastructure in place. With ePort, Strata has provided such a solid foundation, which it will continue to leverage as it rolls out additional functionality this year.”


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Wanda LaCroix says:

January 13, 2015 at 5:13 pm

Labeling E-Port as “programmatic” is mis-leading. Like DARE for MediaOcean agencies, E-Port allows orders that were “negotiated” with stations to be delivered from agencies through the reps.

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