FBN’s ‘Strange Inheritance’ Debuts Season 2 On Nov. 11

Fox Business Network (FBN) will premiere the second season of Strange Inheritance on Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 9 p.m. ET. Hosted by FBN’s Jamie Colby, the season will debut with a four-episode marathon as she travels to chronicle unusual stories of inheritance. They are:

“Tanks A Lot” (9-9:30) — An eccentric millionaire leaves his kids a world-record fleet of 240 military vehicles.

“Signed, Shoeless Joe” (9:30-10) – A widow inherits the only signed photo of baseball legend Shoeless Joe Jackson. It’s worth a fortune  — if she can prove it’s real.

“Ghost Town Gold Mine” (10-10:30) — A man inherits an old gold mine from the wife of a Nevada prospector, and gets sued by her niece.

“Washington’s Wallet” (10:30-11) — An unlikely family passes down George Washington’s wallet through the generations.

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