FCC Hires New Chief Information Officer

Robert Naylor, former CIO at USDA, is tapped to “modernize the agency’s data and IT holdings and keep this agency moving towards the cloud.”

Today, the FCC announced Robert Naylor has been named the commission’s chief information officer.

In his role as CIO, Naylor, the FCC said, “will implement a tech-forward strategy to cut costs, equip workers with effective tools and shift the commission’s IT trajectory towards more sustainable and secure cloud-based solutions.”

“This hire equips the FCC to lead by example in the federal technology space,” said FCC Managing Director Steven VanRoekel. “Robert brings the right vision and leadership to modernize the agency’s data and IT holdings and keep this agency moving towards the cloud. His work will make our operational expenditures more effective in out years, providing a reliable means of engagement for the consumers and industries we serve.”

His appointment comes as the FCC continues to leverage new strategies to make the FCC’s IT properties more efficient and secure. In line with the U.S. CIO’s efforts to increase cloud hosting adoption among federal agencies, the FCC recently relaunched the agency’s main website, FCC.gov, in a secure cloud environment. As CIO, Naylor will continue to guide the agency’s investment in tech infrastructure, reducing costs and empowering FCC employees to deploy innovative solutions inside the agency.

Naylor previously served an appointment as the CIO of the United States Small Business Administration. He has recently served on two committees within the Federal Executive CIO Council, and was a member of two White House workgroups within the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

In 1999, Naylor started an international professional services small business, servicing the human capital management industry.


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Meagan Zickuhr says:

June 6, 2011 at 4:16 pm

I thought our Government was facing a financial crisis? Why does the FCC continue to create and hire new people?

    len Kubas says:

    June 6, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    Apparently, issuing gibberish and using junior b-school techno-jargon is something the FCC wants as a priority. Note that this “fellow” seems to have never worked in private industry, so this is simply make-work.

Warren Harmon says:

June 6, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Oxymoron: Secure Cloud-based solution — WTF FCC!

Cher Arn says:

June 10, 2011 at 10:16 pm

The CIO role is not a new job function, it is required by law! The agency was without a CIO for over 8 months. CIO’s save over 50 times the salary they are paid and just as in this case, come from the private sector, where they normally make 2-5 times more in the private sector than serving the public. This is a good CIO with over 20 years in private industry.

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