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On Sunday, Wohler Technologies released a number of announcements at the NAB Show. They include:

The release of two new products in its iAM Series of intelligent, adaptable, rack-mounted monitoring equipment: iAM-MIX and iAM-AUDIO. These new signal- and data-monitoring devices provide broadcasters, OB operators, and studio facilities a range of network-enabled features that can adapt to continually evolving requirements and can be controlled by third-party software via an API. Additional features such as browser-based remote monitoring are already planned.

The iAM platform offers a browser-based GUI to complement Wohler’s traditional front-panel monitoring interfaces for remote control, and future options for remote monitoring, and logging. The use of SFPs enables simple, in situ adaptation of interfaces and a wide selection of signal I/O, which in combination with other software-defined features create a smooth upgrade path to new and emerging technologies, such as Dante and AES67. Regular updates and licensable options will ensure users have the best available and most relevant features.

iAM-MIX has a straightforward, front-panel control surface for individual master and per-channel mixing and muting, ideal for operators that require bulletproof auditory monitoring from a range of sources. A simple yet full-featured platform for eight- or 16-level control out-of-the-box, audio-only monitoring, iAM-MIX integrates with popular A/V router solutions to push and pull channel-name data. Wohler has already sold hundreds of units to OB companies for operator and engineering monitoring positions and to sports productions for deployment in flypacks during the Rio 2016 Olympics this summer in Rio de Janeiro.



New A/V monitoring solutions. An expanded video monitoring offering; two new modules for the AMP2-16V Series audio monitors; a new low-cost eight-channel audio-monitoring device in the AMP1 Series; and new 4K video displays with quad-split capabilities.


The AMP2-16V Series, the world’s best-selling and most powerful monitor, is a 16-channel, 2-RU A/V workstation with a complete suite of tools for analyzing and managing audio quality, level and loudness, metadata, and more.

Wohler has also added the AMP1-8-M, a pared-down, more affordable version of the popular AMP1-16-M 1-RU 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio monitor. Like its bigger sibling, the AMP1-8-M offers fast, intuitive operation for monitoring SDI audio in the most demanding production applications. The difference is that it will only support de-embedding and display of eight SDI channels rather than 16. Because of the reduced channel count, broadcast and content-production customers can take advantage of Wohler quality at a much lower price.

Finally, Wohler is introducing new 4K video displays to accommodate ultra-high-definition (UHD) content with advanced 10-bit digital-processing technology. The displays come in 42-inch and 55-inch sizes, and to add to their value, each can be configured as a quad-split full-HD display of four equal areas, as a large screen with three smaller views, or as a single large display.

In related news, Wohler has added new sizes to its existing RMT line of table-top video monitors and RM line of rack-mounted video monitors as well.


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