Grit, Escape Diginets In Warner Bros. Deal

The new channels buy package of 135 movies in advance of the gender-targeted multicast networks' launches in August.

Digital subchannels Escape and Grit from Katz Broadcasting today struck a deal for 135 movies from Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution to air on the over-the-air channels, both of which will debut in August.

Escape is geared toward women and will air such movies as Misery, Dolores Claiborne, Body Heat and Dead Calm.

Grit is geared toward men and will air movies like Sudden Impact, Cobra, Demolition Man and John Wayne movies the Cowboys and Young Guns.

The channels are so far cleared in 35% of TV homes on Univision-owned channels. Katz Broadcasting is from Jonathan Katz, who is also founder and COO of African-American focused network Bounce TV.

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