Harris sells DTV transmitters to Grupo Televisa

Harris Corp.’s Broadcast Communications Division today announced that Grupo Televisa S.A., a leader in TV broadcasting throughout México, has purchased eight Harris DiamondCD high-power DTV transmitters as the broadcaster prepares to complete its ATSC digital television launch in four metropolitan regions. The transmitters
were delivered and installed during the fourth quarter of 2005. Televisa will begin transmission of DTV programming to populations in and around México City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Tijuana in early 2006.

Mexico formally adopted the ATSC standard in October 2004 following years of DTV testing.  The Mexican government last year issued an 18-year deployment table that lays out specific DTV transition plans for both public and private broadcasters over six, three-year periods.  The first three-year segment of this plan targets major cities, especially those closest to the U.S. border, with private broadcasters launching ahead of public broadcasters. The Harris DiamondCD transmitters, at 1.8 kW, enable Televisa to maximize coverage in each region.

Harris outfitted each transmitter destined for Televisa with its Apex advanced digital TV exciter. Televisa is also outfitted with Harris’ eCDi™ enhanced transmitter network monitoring and control system to enable remote operation of the transmitter from a central location in Mexico City.

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