HDNet Movies Updates Music Branding With SAM


Before a network can captivate viewers with a first-rate film, the audience needs to know what attraction is next. When HDNet Movies wanted new on-air branding it turned to Stephen Arnold Music for a theme.

The channel had a new on-air graphics package that supports the cable film channel’s wide variety of classic films from the 1950s to today. The objective for the new package was simple: appeal to movie lovers of all ages, while emphasizing HDNet Movies’ modern take on a classic cinematic experience.

Stephen Arnold Music, who had also worked with the channel’s sister network HDNet/AXS TV, composed a theme that weaves together ambient synth pads, sound effects, plantive piano melodies, soaring strings and percussion.

“HDNet Movies has always had a strong creative vision, and we were thrilled at the opportunity to work with them again,” says Chad Cook, creative director of Stephen Arnold Music. “Our approach was to support their message with music that was atmospheric, airy and advanced. It’s also efficient — we composed one cohesive piece that their editors can use in a modular fashion to support a wide variety of on-air elements.”

“Original branded music plays an important role in defining a network, helping to provide immediate recognition for viewers,” says Katie Gladstone, HDNet Movies’ VP programming. “The channel’s re-branding goal was for a more modern, clean sound that supported our pure cinematic experience while being engaging and entertaining.”


Adds Lindsay Jordheim, HDNet Movies senior producer: “Our experience with Stephen Arnold Music was incredibly positive and extremely creative — their team really listened to what direction we were aiming for and came up with music that corresponded perfectly.”

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