IBC 2011: Pixelmetrix Products Preview

2011 IBC Show Preview
Stand 1.B28


Pixelmetrix, a global provider of preventive monitoring for digital television and IPTV networks, will showcase the full multi-resolution support for HD over HDMI on its Electronic Couch Potato (ECP).

The ECP connects after the set-top box and provides feedback on various service quality parameters to a central site.  It can emulate an end-user changing channels on a STB via a built-in infrared transmitter.  Service plan verification, channel switching and multiple measurements on service quality for each channel are reported to a central management console, giving service providers insight into the viewer experience and confirming the availability of subscribed-to channels.

Also new for the ECP is the Video Quality Index (VQI). This video quality measurement tool scans all channels, identifies common video impairments such as macro-blocking, tiling and freeze frame, then combines them to a single, integrated metric. Results are consolidated across all channels and remote sites — making it easy to identify when and where video quality issues strike.

Pixelmetrix’s extensive portfolio of test, measurement and monitoring solutions will be featured, along include the new Consolidator network management system, StationView for simple effective monitoring, as well as a suite of solutions offering affordable transport stream recording and playout, terrestrial network monitoring, TS monitoring, IP headend monitoring and more.


Pixelmetrix also features a host of IPTV and preventive monitoring systems.

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