IBC 2015 Tech: BroadStream Solutions

BroadStream Solutions | Hall 8, Stand B29 | Website: www.broadstream.com

Integrated playout specialist BroadStream Solutions will launch its new Armada time delay server at IBC 2015. The Armada time delay server provides customers with fully automated time delay and replay from zero to 72 hours.
“Armada is unique in that it can provide a time delay of up to 3 full days without any intervention,” said Ben Wolk, the company’s president of sales and marketing. “It’s perfect for recording the live feeds that you need to capture and delay on a consistent basis.
“For broadcasters, telecom companies, service providers and television networks who work on time zone delays, regional delays, quality assurance or disaster recovery, the Armada provides cost-effective, yet sophisticated and safe time delay options that you simply set and forget.”
BroadStream Solutions has a timedelay app for its OASYS automated playout platform already in the field, serving hundreds of channels globally.
The Armada Time Delay Server takes live inputs from SD-SDI, HD-SDI or IP and, provides SD-SDI, HD-SDI or IP outputs. With the option “Delay-Out” the system can play multiple time delay outputs from the same input and each output can have the same or different delay periods.
Additional outputs can be added to the Time Delay Server with the same or different delay and/or graphic overlay. This means the Time Delay Server can be used as a virtual distribution amplifier with optional delays and overlays.
Multiple delays are also possible on the same server with an optional single fixed graphic overlaid on each delayed output. This feature provides flexibility depending on the number of inputs and outputs in a given system.
Intended for fully automated operation with no user intervention, the Armada Time Delay Server saves on man hours and eliminates human error. Furthermore, the Armada Server and the associated time delay application is contained on one device so there is no need to use a separate control PC for the Time Delay Server.
With various configuration options on inputs, outputs and storage, Armada is available in 3RU as standard or 1RU where space is at a premium.
“We’re delighted to be showcasing Armada at IBC. We’re certain it will stir up a lot of interest — especially as our customers already trust BroadStream with Time Delay across various applications,” said Wolk.

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