IPN signs 150th station for hi-def TV giveaway during sweeps

The Incentive Plus Network (IPN) announced it is now servicing 150 stations nationwide with its TV station promotions for trade.

“KVHP in Lake Charles, La., has the distinction of being station No. 150 for IPN,” announced Pat Pattison one of IPN’s founding partners. “We’re pleased to have

Madelyn Bonnot, Lester Langley and their great National Communications Stations on board with IPN.”

IPN latest promotion is a high-definition TV giveaway for the November sweeps.

Henry Urick, IPN’s other founding partner, explained: “We have designed a watch-and-win promotion that will … promote many of our client stations’ new high-definition digital signals. It’s a win/win promotion for the stations and local sponsors they sell the promotion to.”

Incentive Plus is now contracted with 150 stations to design and create sweeps promotions. It has also produced promotions offering trips to the Super Bowl and other sporting events for stations to use as promotion prizes. The stations are able to trade airtime to pay for IPN’s services.


Founded in 2003, Incentive Plus Network offers the broadcast industry sales and ratings promotions for trade. Incentive Plus Network works with TV stations nationwide on newscast watch-amd-win promotions, advertiser supported promotions, branded logo station merchandise and incentive travel for trade.

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