ITN, Nielsen Catalina Expand Relationship

Dual integration powers end-to-end use of purchase data for television buying and planning.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions, which supplies purchase-based marketing analytics, and ITN Networks  today announced expansion of their relationship. 

By mutual agreement between NCS and ITN, Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ measurement of ITN’s national “unwired” television networks is now being directly reported within NCS’s AdVantics On Demand precision marketing platform.

Additionally, ITN will integrate NCS’s singleâ€Âsource dataset of consumer decisions within the ITN Ad>Vantage platform as part of a larger effort to help advertisers redefine how television is planned, activated and stewarded, using purchase behavior data at its core.

“Today’s announcement brings us another step closer to realizing our programmatic vision,” said Tim Connors, CEO, ITN. “The ITN Ad>Vantage platform will be able to ingest all big data sources and first-party data sets, combine them with real-time and near-time data, and make them actionable to identify, plan, buy, measure, optimize and steward schedules.  Only when you see clear performance results through precise measurement will this industry fast-track changes from legacy models and technologies, and ITN is adapting our Ad>Vantage system to provide the complete end-to-end platform that the industry needs.”

According to ITN, migrating this purchaseâ€Âbased approach from digital to television has been challenging for the industry to date, largely due to dependence upon deep-rooted practices using multiple, independent technologies and data which create barriers of complexity.

ITN says its programmatic Ad>Vantage platform, however, “is a fully integrated network of software applications built upon decades of development, understanding and use to advance television aggregation by automating to solve those challenges firsthand.”


Now, ITN is migrating its programmatic platform for use across all major media, as well as for third-party use, “enabling television advertisers to fully capitalize on purchase and behavior-based data to generate higher sales performance,” it said.

“As the use of actual retail purchase data to provide sales accountability across advertising mediums becomes mainstream, we are pleased that ITN’s aggregated television networks are fully integrated into NCS’ AdVantics On Demand platform,” said Mike Nazzaro, CEO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “Additionally, ITN has built a true programmatic platform that can incorporate the NCS buyergraphic data, providing a powerful, turn-key television solution to consumer packaged goods advertisers.”

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