‘Katie’ Scores Well, Other Newbies So-So

Katie Couric's talker did well in its first week of syndication. Veteran Ellen DeGeneres had a strong start to Season 10.

Katie (Disney-ABC) premiered the week ending Sept. 16 as the highest-rated new syndicated talk show since Dr. Oz (Sony) debuted with a 2.3 rating in 2009. Katie had a 2.0 household rating, based on Nielsen national ratings.

This fall’s other new talk shows didn’t perform as well, although Steve Harvey (NBCU) appears to be a keeper. It had a 1.2 rating, even with its premiere week one week earlier. Jeff Probst (CTD) had a 0.7.

Ratings for Ricki (Twentieth) are not yet available – Nielsen is reprocessing those numbers.Trisha (NBCU) premiered a week later on Sept. 17. In metered markets, it averaged a 0.5 household rating, flat to its lead-in and year-ago time slots.

Among the returning talk shows, Dr. Phil (CTD) was up 4% from last week for its 11th season premiere to a 2.6. Ellen (WBDTD) delivered her best debut week ratings in series history, rising 56% for the 10th season premiere to a 2.5. The season premiere of Dr. Oz (Sony) was up 14% over the prior week to a 2.4. It tied Live! with Kelly and Michael (Disney-ABC), which debuted a week earlier. Maury (NBCU) was in repeats and pulled a 2.0.

Court Shows

Top court show Judge Judy (CTD) kicked off its new season with a 6.3 rating. Judge Joe Brown (CTD) had a 2.4; People’s Court (WBDTD) had a 1.8 while Judge Mathis (WBDTD) pulled a 1.5 rating.


Magazine Shows

Most magazines perked up from the prior week when some were preempted for the Democratic National Convention.

Entertainment Tonight (CTD) was up 6% to a 3.3; Inside Edition (CTD) rebounded 17% to a 2.8; TMZ (WBDTD) was up 6% to a 1.9; Access Hollywood (NBCU) was flat at a 1.7; Extra (WBDTD) was up 7% to a 1.5, its best rating in seven weeks; The Insider (CTD), which was preempted in several markets for U.S. Open Tennis, was flat at a 1.3.

Dish Nation (Twentieth) debuted to a 0.8. Dish had a 0.5 rating among adults 18-49, which is on par with this season’s new talk shows Katie and Steve Harvey.

Game Shows

Despite being moved off some Scripps stations, Wheel of Fortune (CTD) was up 2% from the prior week to a 5.9; Jeopardy (CTD) was up 7% to a 4.8; Family Feud (Debmar-Mercury) was up 22% to a 3.9; Millionaire (Disney-ABC) was down 13% to a 2.0.

Off-Net Sitcoms

Big Bang Theory (WBDTD) slipped 2% from a week earlier to a 6.5. Two and a Half Men (WBDTD) was down 4% to a 4.7; Family Guy (Twentieth) dipped 3% to a 3.7; How I Met Your Mother (Twentieth) was down 11% to a 2.5.

Off-Net Weekly Hours

Monk (NBCU) was down 13% from the prior week to a 2.6. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBCU) was flat with a 2.5; Cold Case (WBDTD) was up 4% to a 2.5, just ahead of Law & Order (NBCU) at a 2.4; Criminal Minds (CTD) had a 2.3.

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