Katz Media Group Expands Katz 360 Sales

The expanded division will feature a full suite of local, location, audio and video advertising capabilities across all platforms.

Katz Media Group today announced that its digital sales arm, Katz 360 Sales, will expand the company’s digital offerings to a full-service global interactive ad network. The expansion will bring a new focus for both local and location advertising.

Local efforts will cater to reaching consumers in specific geographic areas, while location capabilities will offer targeting to reach people on the go, wherever they may be. Mort Greenberg, who was recently appointed president of Katz 360 Sales, will lead these transformation efforts.

“We are excited to advance the quality and depth of our digital offerings, and to expand our interactive presence and footprint to better serve our customers and clients,” said Kevin Dorsey, president of Clear Channel National Media Groups. “These improvements allow our digital unit to put a new emphasis on crossplatform targeting, reporting, analytics, optimization and mobile thought-leadership for our affiliates and strategic third-party inventory sources.”

To compete at the global level of ad networks, Katz 360 Sales will undergo a complete rebranding and rebuilding during the next few months. These advancements will culminate in a new brand name, the addition of an international sales team and the introduction of several innovative new initiatives. Transformation efforts will include:

  • Fortifying relationships with broadcasters and affiliates through enhanced inventory valuation, improved digital content, and increased reporting and analytics.
  • Boosting revenue through the launch of a creative lab that will develop exclusive, custom campaigns to leverage brands’ unique offerings and calls-to-action.
  • Accountability improvement through a new intelligence engine that will provide better analytics, optimization and aggregated crossplatform reporting beyond the current metrics of “click,” “call,” “route” and other “local engagement” units.
  • New strategic social, local and mobile capabilities, supported by best-in-class technologies.

“We are ready to lead with digital and grow our position as the best monetization partner to radio and TV affiliate groups and their stations,” Greenberg said. “We’ve already begun giving our affiliates a sneak peek of the plan and the feedback is very positive. While there is a big project list in place, we are continually focused on the innovation of our ad products and client services. We believe these initiatives will best position Katz 360 as a competitive global network and representation partner.”

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