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KCWX San Antonio Automates With NVerzion

Corridor TV’s CW affiliate KCWX San Antonio, Texas (DMA 37), has implemented an NVerzion system to provide automated playout from the station’s HD and SD video servers.

The NVerzion system, which was installed by KCWX engineers, automates control of four 360 Systems video servers (two HD and two SD systems), a Miranda NVision routing system, and a Miranda Densité LGK-3901 master control and channel branding processor. The system also interfaces with a Wide Orbit traffic system to automate creation of the on-air playlists and as-run reconciliation. The overall reliability and efficiency gains from the system have allowed KCWX to free up existing staff for other tasks; specifically, broadcast monitoring staff has been reassigned to the growing promotions department, according to the station.

“In today’s challenging economic environment, cost and efficiency considerations are extremely important,” said Dave Gray, KCWX operation manager. “The NVerzion system is extremely cost-competitive in itself, and then when you consider the operational efficiency gains, it’s really a great value. On top of that, working closely with NVerzion, we were able to install everything ourselves and realize even more savings.”

The NVerzion automation system is built on a modular architecture, allowing stations to specify a system to meet their needs. Besides automating control of the playout operation, the NVerzion installation at KCWX provides complete database management across all applications, along with the ability to view, trim, or segment clips and even to create virtual sub-clips from existing clips.

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