KGW Portland, OR, puts first Grass Valley K2 server on air

KGW-TV Portland, Ore., has inaugurated service of its new six-channel Sundance Digital Titan automation system and became the first to take a new Grass Valley K2 media server to air. KGW-TV joins 13 other stations in Belo’s Television Group that now operate with Titan at their digital core. Belo, one of the nation’s largest media companies, owns 19 television stations, six of which are in the 15 largest U.S. broadcast markets.

“We have actually standardized on Titan automation for all our stations, some of which central cast and others run individual systems,” said Reed Wilson, Belo’s Technology Manager—Broadcast Media. “Our goal is to put an infrastructure in place that will grow with us and serve our needs both now and into the future.”

Titan is a highly-scalable automation system able to control many hundreds of channels in a facility or remotely manage playlists at multiple geographically separated locations. KGW-TV operates six Titan channels, one of which is a “spoke” for Northwest Cable News (NWCN) originating from Belo’s KING/KONG duopoly in Seattle.

The KGW-TV installation marks the first time Belo has integrated Titan with the new full HD/SD version of the Thomson Grass Valley K-2 video server, giving the station immediate HD/commercial capability as the station migrates towards high-definition and an increased channel count.

The station’s six-channel Titan configuration includes Sundance Digital’s Intelli-Sat Schedule and Record Manager, News Recorder to automatically capture and re-purpose live news programming, TitanSync for auto-failover redundancy, multiple Media Prep and Air Control Stations, a Digital Delivery Management System (DDMS) to integrate the movement of media from various commercial cache servers, and SalesView Lo-Res for server content browsing. Titan is also controlling Grass Valley’s M-2100 SD and HD switchers.

“Titan is very important because it allows us to tightly integrate our automation system with Telestream’s Traffic Manager,” said Wilson. “We use Telestream in combination with Sundance Digital’s DDMS to download syndicated programming from Pathfire and file transfer a show straight into our system without going to tape, and the segment timings come across automatically.”


KGW-TV delivers both NTSC and digital television channels. Two K2 media server clusters (one for redundancy) support program and commercial playout as well as distribution of local weather programming and commercial insertions on WeatherPlus, a DTV sub-channel.

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