KOMO Launches Connected TV Apps

Using a new ad platform for connected TV from Accelerated Media, Fisher Interactive Network can insert national and local ads and also feature second screen ad capabilities in tablets and mobile devices.

Fisher Interactive Network and Accelerated Media have launched connected TV applications for KOMO News in Seattle, featuring Accelerated Media’s advanced ad serving platform. The apps will include content from and KOMO television broadcasts. The ad platform will insert local and national advertising into both their connected TV and mobile viewing applications.

“Connected devices are quickly gaining momentum, and have opened up a new space for interactive advertising,” said Accelerated Media’s President-CTO Doug McGary. “Adding interactivity transforms TV advertising from a ‘lean back’ experience into an immersive, consumer-driven experience. This type of viewer involvement leads to deeper engagement and higher levels of brand recall, purchase intent and product sales. We’re proud to partner with Fisher as we enter a new era of advanced advertising.”

Accelerated Media’s ad platform powers its Companion Ad Network (CAN) to provide advertisers with advanced interactive advertising capabilities on smart TVs and second screen apps in mobile or tablet devices. The CAN provides advertisers the option to host VOD or photo galleries, request information, coupons or samples, find and map retail locations, integrate with social media and even transact (buy now) on any connected device. The CAN is incorporated into apps built by Accelerated Media, but can also be easily added to existing connected TV widgets and mobile device apps already deployed.

“The beauty of these new content distribution platforms and their related advanced advertising tools means we can now distribute content in more places  and monetize it in new ways,” said Randa Minkarah, SVP of revenue and business development at Fisher Communications. “Our sales teams are now empowered with addressable and accountable advanced advertising tools that will enable our clients to improve their ROI.”

The Accelerated Companion Ad Network includes an authoring system that Fisher says will allow it to “build and deploy advanced advertising applications for [its] advertisers easily and quickly.

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