KSMQ Speeds Up Workflow With NVerzion

NVerzion, a provider of tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced that KSMQ, the PBS station in Austin, Minn. (DMA 153), has deployed a new automation system from NVerzion during the station’s transition from SD to HD.

KSMQ chose NVerzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS). By overseeing all master control and playout operations, CLASS speeds up KSMQ’s operations while enabling the station to provide superior quality on-air presentation to viewers, the station said. 

“Our station has limited resources. So, while addressing the growing viewer demand for HD programming, we knew we needed an automation system that is flexible and cost-effective, while guaranteeing reliability,” said Tim Gassmann, operations manager at KSMQ. “NVerzion CLASS is based on a modular architecture, allowing us to choose software and hardware components that fit our specific needs and budget while keeping us on air 24/7. Thanks to NVerzion, we now have the ability to respond to the needs of our community with greater speed and to provide our viewers with a crystal-clear HD signal.” 

KSMQ purchased NVerzion CLASS as part of a comprehensive infrastructure package from Heartland Video Systems. The new automation solution from NVerzion includes a variety of hardware and software components, including:

  • NControl on-air playlists
  • NGest professional dubbing and recording software
  • NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming
  • NBase SQL media database manager
  • NView database viewer
  • NCommand machine status and control
  • NTime time-driven event scheduling
  • NConvert manual and automated traffic interface
  • NGenius intelligent storage management browser
  • XPansion storage management software
  • EMC-NT Ethernet machine control
  • EMC-Router Ethernet machine control
  • CPIM BXF dynamic traffic interface

NGenius, NVerzion’s new storage solution, has proven to be especially useful to the broadcaster, it said. Using the automation and storage solution, KSMQ can protect and manage data via an on-site 40TB Microsoft Windows NAS system. NGenius dramatically reduces the broadcaster’s capital equipment expenses.

CLASS lets KSMQ control a variety of third-party equipment, including a Harmonic Spectrum ChannelPort branded channel playout module, Harmonic Spectrum MediaCenter server, Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UDS universal distribution system, Sony UVW-1700G VTR, Panasonic AJ-SD755 and AJ-D450 VTRs, and Myers ProTrack traffic system. CLASS also interfaces with KSMQ’s existing nearline storage system as a Windows shared environment.


CLASS guarantees the integrity of KSMQ’s on-air presentation by eliminating any single point of failure within the station’s file-based workflow, according to NVerzion. The station also can add more features and perform future upgrades as needs evolve. The scalable platform can also support additional channels and subchannels in the future.

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