KTVI, KPLR Unveil New Sets And Graphics

Today, Wednesday, Jan. 28, at 4 a.m. Tribune Media’s Fox affiliate KTVI St. Louis (DMA 21) will unveil a dynamic new look following several months of design and construction. Then at noon, co-owned CW affil KPLR’s new sets will be revealed.

With the exception of the weather station command centers, both station newscasts will originate from the same main studio. Newscasts and dayparts will differentiate electronically with graphics and lighting. Depth, color and brightness are elements that add to the visual representation of a newscast.

The KTVI-KPLR sets include traditional anchor desks and improved weather centers, but also use advanced technical display solutions, video graphic engines and strategic branding features. Tribune said “the vision for the company, as it transitions to the new dimensions of broadcasting, is to use different formats of content to serve our viewers.”

“This set has the latest wall LED lighting systems, graphical engine, and video display solutions-scalable for current and future formats, setting us up for future growth,” said Jay Gill, VP of engineering for the duopoly. “We are proud of our skillful engineering team, who were engaged from researching new systems, disassembling the old sets for donations, and assisting in complete new set integration.  The harmony and execution here at KTVI and KPLR are second to none,” added Gill.

KTVI-KPLR weather will originate from separate studios, allowing both stations to apply the latest weather updates while broadcasting simultaneously.

“With the responsibility of producing nearly 80 hours of news each week, we are confident that our viewers will welcome our new look, complimented by the faces viewers have come to trust,” said Spencer Koch, KTVI-KPLR president-GM.


“Versatile shots and three dimensional stand-up positions within the studios give us more flexibility and visual appeal,” said Audrey Prywitch, VP of news for both stations. “The new studio will support multimedia platforms for both stations, utilizing information from IP or cellular devices, live trucks, web content, and satellite feeds,” she added.

The set was designed by Broadcast Design International. Some of the same BDI crew worked on sets for KTVI in 1995 and 2006, (the last time KTVI upgraded.) 

A time-lapse look at the progression of the main studio may be seen by visiting

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