Lakana Integrating Fresco UGC Service

Lakana is enhancing its digital publishing platform by interfacing with the Fresco user-generated content app and service. With Fresco, stations can assign citizen journalists to cover events and then pay for the content — $50 per video, $20 per still.

Lakana is integrating the Fresco News user-generated news services into its digital publishing platform, giving its more than 250 TV station websites the option of easily offering the service, it was announced this morning.

With the Fresco app and service, stations assign citizen journalists to cover news events and then pay them for content that is used — $50 per video, $20 per still.

Fox Television Stations began rolling out the service at its major market stations in February.

“Our strategic partnership with Fresco News will bring high quality, cost-efficient, UGC content streams directly into a station’s digital news platform, driving audience reach and engagement while generating average revenue-per-user growth,” said Elizabeth Osder, head of revenue for Lakana.

“Speed and efficiency during breaking news situations are critical for our clients in today’s hyper-competitive local media space. Our platform integration with Fresco will allow newsrooms to gather and publish content faster than ever before,” she added.

John H. Meyer, CEO of Fresco News, said Fresco is looking forward to supplying Lakana users with “access to fresh, local content from citizens in their community.”


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kendra mazey says:

May 2, 2016 at 12:05 pm

Awesome offering!! Imagine the footage and stills that users can generate for stations.