Litton, NAB Team For Video Description PSA

Dave Morgan, CEO-president of Litton Entertainment, today announced a partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters to provide television stations nationwide with a first of its kind public service announcement. Featuring Jeff Corwin, scientist and host of Litton’s Ocean Mysteries, this PSA explains the details of video description, a service now available to viewers that makes programs accessible for the blind, the visually impaired, and individuals with learning disabilities.

“Litton Entertainment is extremely proud to be partnering with the National Association of Broadcasters to produce the industry’s first video description public service announcement. This PSA will be seen by millions of Americans making them fully aware of this valuable service. Video description enables all viewers to fully appreciate television programming, and we’re committed to this landmark technology that brings the full scope of the experience to a wider audience,” said Morgan.

Working in conjunction with Bridge Multimedia and the American Foundation for the Blind, Litton and the NAB believe that it is important to educate viewers about the service provided by video description. Through this feature, short verbal descriptions are provided of action or key visual scenes such as the setting, costumes, and facial expressions to add context to the program or movie.

“Broadcasters are committed to meeting the programming needs of all members of their local communities,” said Dennis Wharton, EVP of communications at NAB. “We hope this PSA will help inform the public of the advanced services broadcasters are making available for the visually impaired so that they can enjoy America’s top-rated television programming and local news.”

As of July 1, all major networks are required to provide approximately four hours of video description per week. Each of the six series within Litton’s Weekend Adventure is video described.

To watch the PSA, click here.


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