Litton Saturday Block Launches Sept. 3 On ABC

Dave Morgan, president-CEO of Litton Entertainment, today announced the launch of Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, one of six, original, HD programs comprising Litton’s Weekend Adventure.

Premiering Saturday, Sept. 3, on over 95% of ABC affiliates across the country, the three-hour block will feature programming that, Litton says, “inspires viewers to explore the Earth, to dive beneath the ocean’s surface, to pay it forward and to live a life of health, balance and happiness.”

Jack Hanna will be featured to announce the block’s launch on Good Morning America, Tuesday, Aug. 30, during the 8:30-9 a.m. slot. Also featured on Good Morning America will be the hosts of some of Litton’s other shows in the block, Richard Wiese, Born to Explore, on Wednesday, Aug. 31 (8:30-9) and Jeff Corwin, host of Ocean Mysteries on Saturday, Sept. 3.

Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown will lead off Litton’s Weekend Adventure. Wild Countdown is hosted from Hanna’s base camp located at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, his home for more than 30 years.  Nationwide Insurance and the Columbus Zoo are title sponsors of Wild Countdown and have worked together for decades as partners in conservation.

With the announcement of Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, the programs comprising Litton’s Weekend Adventure is complete. Produced by Litton Studios, Litton’s Weekend Adventure features six high-definition, original E/I series including Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, hosted by Jeff Corwin, best known for his Emmy Award winning shows on the Disney Channel, Discovery and Animal Planet; Born to Explore featuring adventurer and explorer in residence for the American Museum of Natural History Expeditions, Richard Wiese; Everyday Health, an inspirational program about people who confront health challenges by “paying it forward” produced by Mark Koops, the creator and executive producer of The Biggest Loser; Food for Thought with Claire Thomas, hosted by Claire Thomas, a young role model for teens who will show America’s youth how to forge a healthy relationship with food, family, and friends; and Culture Click, a hip social studies show anchored by Nzinga Blake.

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