Mariner xVu Rolls Out Version 5 Analytics Update

Mariner xVu, a provider of Software Defined Monitoring (SDM), has released xVu 5, the latest edition of the company’s monitoring and analytics software platform.

The update introduces significant advancements in quality of experience (QoE) management for service providers in a multiservice environment, future-proofs customers’ investment in the Mariner xVu monitoring and analytics platform, and launches Mariner’s XpertVu automation solution to a new level of multiscreen troubleshooting, functionality and performance.

Powered by xVu 5, XpertVu offers advanced multidimensional data correlation, complex signatures, and the ability to manage QoE across the breadth of the operator’s IP services portfolio. XpertVu delivers substantial OPEX savings with an advanced signature analytics approach that spots challenging problems before they’re noticed by subscribers, and equips operations, care and field teams with fast, accurate automatic triangulation of customer QoE problems.

As the service provider market evolves, content is increasingly viewed on multiple platforms for more hours, driving a shift in video industry models. The Mariner xVu 5 core platform addresses the economies of scale needed for innovative service bundles, supporting new IP-based consumer devices across all network environments, including telco, satellite, cable, and in-home Wi-Fi.

“Customers will use xVu 5 to underpin class-leading monitoring and analytics for a growing and increasingly diverse portfolio of consumer IP services,” said Steve Copeland, vice president of product management at Mariner xVu. “By extending the core analytics engine and data handling capabilities of the xVu platform, version 5 allows for increased levels of flexibility and scalability to monitor and analyze an expanded and interrelated set of services, content, service delivery environments, and devices.”

Mariner xVu 5 enhances service assurance in three significant ways:


  • More flexible troubleshooting and root cause analysis, expanding XpertVu’s automation power with the creation of data correlation and grouping relationships and enabling customers to define auto-detected patterns or signatures.
  • Increased scalability to handle hundreds of millions of devices in an xVu single deployment, compared with tens of millions of devices supported by the previous version.
  • Improved data ingestion capabilities, allowing quicker and easier integration of the variety of QoE data sources needed to monitor today’s multiservice ecosystems.

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